Parent Representatives

The Parent Representatives role at Forrest Primary School is to act as a point of contact for families. They achieve this primarily through collating, maintaining and circulating a student/parent contact list. Many families have found this useful for arranging out of school activities with new friends, such as one on one play dates, and also for class get-togethers.For further details please see the Forrest Primary School Parent Representatives Documentation.

All classes in 2018 have a parent who has agreed to be the contact point for the families of that class. The name of the relevant parent for each class is listed below.

The Parent Representatives for 2018 are:

Year LevelClass NameParent Representative
KindergartenKACath White
KindergartenKBLucy Nicol
KindergartenKTClaudia Lam
Year 11O Hannah Bates
Year 11R Sally Troy
Year 11KR Anita Mills
Year 22C Maria Milbridge
Year 22K Skye May
Year 22PC Kylie Highley
Year 33B Ingrid Redmond
Year 33FD Megan Taylor
Year 33W Rebecca Vavic
Year 44N Louise Yougman
Year 44SPerdi Mitchell
Year 44T Sam Neal
Year 44J
Year 55B Leah West
Year 55H Simone Alabaster
Year 55M Kate Hambly
Year 66D Paul Zinkel
Year 66H Michael Nobelen
Year 6 6BHadas Yehezkel
PreschoolInquirers TBA