School Board

The School Board consists of three parent representatives elected by the school community, two teachers elected by the staff, the Principal and an officer appointed by the ACT Department of Education and Training. The role of the Board is an important one - it monitors, approves and develops policy, oversights finance and generally works closely with the staff and parent body to ensure the school runs smoothly and achieves its goals.

The Board is responsible for developing the School Development Plan. This document is reviewed regularly by the Board and short term Action Plans are used to support the objectives of the overall plan.

The School Board of 2020 consists of:

  • TBC- Board President
  • TBC - Parent Representative
  • TBC- Parent Representative
  • Sarah Bauer - Teacher Representative
  • Daniel Heap - Teacher Representative
  • Chris Pilgrim - Principal
  • Ann Hayres - Business Manager
  • Carmel DeGraaff - Secretary

The election process for 2020 is taking place.