Information Communication Technology (ICT)

At Forrest Primary School we seek to deliver contemporary education in a traditional building. We see computer technology as an integral part of learning and teaching. We believe technology to be an exciting and essential tool with which to engage, motivate and support our students in their learning.

Technology changes rapidly and it is challenging to keep up with limited budgets. ETD supports learning with technology by providing funds each year to upgrade technology and cull old computers that no longer meet the needs of students and teachers and no longer synch with improved infrastructure.

Over the past two years ETD has also made progress in deciding upon platforms and programmes it will support as a system. Two of these are the Google platform which includes Google Classroom and Google Docs which work best with Chromebooks. ETD also supports and encourages ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD). Ipads have been promoted to provide assistive technology to children with disabilities (including dyslexia). Ipads are also used widely by groups of children for programmes such as guided reading.

Current resources:

  • Preschool to Year 2 are using i-pads for small group work. Currently , 18 i-pads are shared between two classes (with the housing set up in one of the classrooms.)
  • Years 3 to 6 use Chromebooks (one between two students) and are being educated in using the Google Platform.
  • Some Children with Special Needs have iPads for their dedicated use. These iPads have specialised applications which assist their learning.

Forrest Primary School is fortunate to have purchased subscriptions to two amazing online educational based programs which offer our students support in a variety of curriculum areas. These programs are:

  • Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress (Years K-6)
  • Mathletics (Years K-6) Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress
  • This powerful educational program is based on the most up-to-date research on how children learn to read. The lessons use animation, activities and reward games to keep children motivated. It is completely interactive to keep children on task. When children start the program, they can complete a placement quiz to ensure they are starting at the correct reading level Mathletics
  • Mathletics is a web-based Mathematical learning program which integrates home and school learning via the internet.