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Resource Centre

The focus of Forrest Primary Resource Centre to promote and engage students in a love of literature and an understanding of critical literacy's include information literacy.

Students attend library and ICT sessions weekly where they are immersed in children's literature, engaged in modern research inquiries using a variety of written and electronic resources and use Information Communication Technologies (ICT) purposely and creatively. In fact, it is usual that most students attend the library on a daily basis for a variety of purposes such as private study, group activities, class activities and so on. The Library is a vibrant, buzzing and welcoming environment used by students and teachers on a variety of levels.

During lunchtime the Resource Centre is open to all students and is managed by our WizKids. Our WizKids are students from Years 5 and 6 who volunteer their time to support a range of lunchtime programs with the support of the duty teacher.

The resource centre is open during lunch five days a week where all students are welcomed and valued.