Traffic Arrangements

Forrest Primary School Traffic Arrangements (pdf icon 79KB)

Traffic Arrangements

Over a number of years, the design of our school's traffic management plan has been carefully developed and refined to ensure a safe and efficient flow of traffic during set down and pick up times for our students, families and the wider community.The plan can be found on the school website under the "Our School" tab and is set out here for your information:

The P&C has developed a safer and more structured way to deal with the traffic within the school grounds.

  • Between 8:45am-9:10am and 2:55pm-3:15pm, there is to be no car movement in or out of the parking spaces in the long line directly in front of the school ("Area A"). (This has been established to minimise the risk of cars reversing into students or other cars.)
  • If you wish to walk your children into school, it will be necessary to park in parking "Area B", or in street parking on Hobart Ave or surrounding streets.
  • Senior and Junior School pick-up areas are designated with yellow line markings on the driveway. Orange cones guide cars into these areas.

The following rules apply:

  1. There will be absolutely no parking or waiting in pick-up zones.
  2. Children will only be able to board a car if it is parked in the marked areas and will be assisted by either the teacher on duty or the parent helper to get into or out of the vehicle. We ask that parents/carers do not exit their vehicles as this can slow down the traffic flow and there are repercussions for other motorists.
  3. At school pick-up time, the car-lines will commence at 3:02pm.
  4. If a car enters the pick-up zone and the relevant children aren't there, the driver will be asked to do a circuit of Hobart Ave and rejoin the line.
  5. Families with both junior and senior students may direct their children to be picked-up at either area.
  6. Children will be supervised and seating will be provided.
  7. There is to be no pedestrian movement over the driveway into the centre grass/tree area. If you need to go from the Kindy area to the square top car park or crossing, you will need to walk via the footpath at the front of the school building.
  8. You will be asked to move on if you park or wait on the grass and tree area inside the school driveway or on red curbs, all No Parking zones.
  9. Staff and parent volunteers will be on duty to assist with supervision.
  10. Car-pooling and walking clubs are encouraged.

In following this routine, we are providing a safer environment for those families wishing to drop off and pick up without leaving their cars. It is suggested that when it comes to pick up time, you simply arrive at the school a little later to ensure your children have had time to get to the pick-up point.