Our Community

The School and the System

The ACT Department of Education and Training governs all schools in the ACT in accordance with the Education Act 2004. Structures, policies and procedures are constantly being reviewed. For 2006-09, ACT Department of Education and Training will focus on the following key strategic goals.

The first three goals relate to the design and delivery of the education and training in the Territory. The goals are to:

  1. Shape and lead ACT education and training
  2. Renew curriculum and teaching practice
  3. Increase the responsiveness on the provision of education and training

In addition, we will focus on two organisational goals to enhance our capacity to address these education and training goals and improve the Department's efficiency and effectiveness. The organisational goals are:

  1. Build collaboration and partnerships
  2. Strengthen organisation and system capacity

Forrest School is in the Woden Weston Schools district under the supervision of a Schools Director. Forrest School belongs to both the Telopea and the Alfred Deakin Cluster of Schools.

School Board - Development Plan

The School Board consists of three parent representatives elected by the school community, two teachers elected by the staff, the Principal and an officer appointed by the ACT Department of Education and Training. The role of the Board is an important one - it monitors, approves and develops policy, oversights finance and generally works closely with the staff and parent body to ensure the school runs smoothly and achieves its goals.

The Board is responsible for developing the School Development Plan. This document is reviewed regularly by the Board and short term Action Plans are used to support the objectives of the overall plan.

Forrest School Parents and Citizens Association

The P&C is an active and effective parent body within the school organisation. It meets twice a term and is crucial in supporting the school financially and socially via a variety of functions throughout the year. It is also the parent body for a number of other active groups in the school such as the Canteen Committee, Uniform Committee, Fundraising Committee, Before and After School Care Program and After School Activities Program. Your interest and involvement with this group is most welcome.

Uniform - Canteen and Second Hand Clothing Pool

The canteen organises the sale of new uniforms. Order forms for items of new clothing are available from the Front Office. The second hand uniform pool operates on the first day of term and then on the first Tuesday of the month.

Before and After School Care

The before and after school care program (FASC) is run as a small business by a very active and hard working sub committee of the P and C. It is currently licensed for 140 children and places are keenly sought. The program runs from 3pm to 6 pm on school days. Enrolment forms and a schedule of fees are available from the Front Office or the FASC program after 3pm on any school day. The Coordinator of the FASC Program and can be contacted after 2.30pm on 62958985.


A canteen committee elected by the P&C currently operates the school canteen Tuesday-Friday. An employed manager coordinates the operation. The canteen relies heavily on volunteer help and your support is very much appreciated. It provides variety for the children and also raises funds for the P and C. It provides an excellent way to meet other parents in a productive manner, which benefits the school and the students. A list of items available from the Canteen is in the enrolment pack and extras are available from the Front Office.

Forrest after School Activities Program (FASA)

Forrest has a strong history of a varied and innovative After School Program (FASA). The P&C run this with activities on offer varying each term depending on staff and venue availability. The Coordinator of the FASA Program and can be contacted after 2.30pm on 62958985.

Classroom, Excursions, Home

We rely on a strong partnership between home and school to promote the best outcomes for your child. To do this, on occasions, we seek parental expertise and assistance with small groups of children for activities such as:

Requests for this type of help will be made at the Parent Information Night early in the year or via the school or class newsletter. Your role in supporting and encouraging your child at home is very significant. Your child's class teacher will always be happy to discuss ways to encourage your child or assist in overcoming some area of concern. Home assignments will also play a significant role in your child's education.