SGP (Small Group Programme)

Small Group Programme at Forrest

Forrest Primary School has a Small Group Programme which will commence in 2019. The Small Group Programme is designed to support students who meet the ACT Student Disability Criteria for Intellectual Disability or Autism and is delivered in a modified, individualised and small group setting.  The K- 6 Programme consists of approximately eight children, one teacher and a Learning Support Assistant. Children who attends the Small Group Programme at Forrest are supported through an Individualised Learning Plan and adapted curriculum designed to meet their academic and social needs. At Forrest Primary we support inclusive practices and children attending the Programme will have a range of opportunities to work with their mainstream age cohort. Forrest Primary works in partnership with the Disability Education Section in the Directorate in supporting best outcomes for children attending. The Disability Education Section is responsible for managing new student placements into the Small Group Programme at Forrest Primary.