A-Z Information


School Banking

Students have the opportunity to participate in school banking each week. On Tuesday students place their bank book into a special Banking Wallet kept in the classroom. This wallet is then sent to the Front Office for the Banking Officer to process. Further information is available at the front office.

School Board

The School Board embodies the principle of collaboration between parents and staff, and community partnership in decision-making processes. Its members include three parents (one being the Chairperson), two teachers, a community representative and the Principal. Staggered two-year terms ensure continuity in the Board's work.

The Forrest Board encourages communication between the school and its community in determining the school's budget, curriculum and education policies as well as its many needs in relation to buildings, facilities, equipment, funds and staff. Parents are welcome to attend any School Board Meeting and elected community members of the School Board can be contacted about school matters.

Security at School

The school building is protected by a security system at night, weekends and during school holidays. Suspicious behaviour on school property should be reported to the police on 000.


Shivoo is a celebration held at the end of the year/term four. Shivoo involves all year levels presenting a performance that showcases their skills and talents.

Sickness and Accidents

Sickness and Accidents Sick children should be kept at home. If a child becomes sick at school the limited school first aid facilities will be used until parents take the child home. If a child suffers a serious accident at school, parents will be notified immediately. Should emergency treatment be required the child will be transported by ambulance to a hospital. Should a child require medication during school hours the following procedures should be followed for the safety of children and staff:

  • Parents fill in a form requesting assistance with medication, giving details. (Medication is to be forwarded with the request).
  • Medication is to be held in a secure place in the First Aid room.
  • Children are individually responsible for going to the Front Office for medication at the correct time.

Should your child catch chicken pox, mumps, measles or any other infectious disease, please contact the school for information about quarantine periods and to enable the school to warn other parents that their children may have been exposed.

Sporting Houses

Forrest Primary School's sporting houses have been named after significant Australian Explorers. They are:

  • Flinders - Red
  • Cook - Blue
  • Dampier - Yellow
  • Phillip - Green

Sun Protection Policy

In accordance with the Education and Training Directorate policy, Forrest Primary School has developed a policy based on the ACT Cancer Society's Sun Smart Policy and Guidelines. The main features are as follows:

  • Hats and sunscreen are actively encouraged for all outdoor activity
  • A policy of "No hats, stay in the shade" is enforced
  • Where possible, outdoor activities are timetabled for the earlier part of the day
  • School hats are available from the Uniform Shop For further information see our Sunsmart Policy

Sun Smart

Children are required to wear wide brimmed or legionnaire hats when they are outdoors. Children without an appropriate hat cannot fully participate in outdoor lessons such as PE particularly during Terms 1 and 4. At recess and lunchtime children who are not wearing an appropriate hat are directed to play in the shade.